This is Ramona Cavenaugh Casteen, owner of Mo’Joe Coffee and Cupcakes.

Ramona is an ER nurse and has been for almost 20 years. She is a native to Wallace and has two children Heather Parker and Anna Louise Casteen.

Favorite coffee drinks: Hot peppermint mocha or an iced caramel macchiato (sugar free of course 😉) and the bigger the better!

Fun facts about Ramona:

👶 She has 4 grandchildren (2 boys and 2 girls)

🏖 She LOVES the beach

🏝 She loves to zip line and plans to in Costa Rica one day

☕️ She has SO much coffee knowledge

Best of all…she had a dream to own a coffee shop, started with a “coffee truck” and well… you know the rest!

This is me…Heather Parker Mo’Joes baker and daughter of Ramona Cavenaugh Casteen (owner).

I am married to my high school sweetheart and we have 3 wild kids 😜 When you come to the shop, you may not find me on a regular basis as I am busy wrangling my children in the back, baking, decorating cakes or working my “real job” as a pediatric Occupational Therapy Assistant.

Fun facts about me:

✈️ I have never flown

👩‍🏫 I can count to 10 in 3 languages (one you wouldn’t expect 😉)

🎂 I have no formal baking classes or training

🎵 I LOVE to rap parts of songs 🤣

Favorite coffee drink: Macchiato

Favorite treat: turtle paleo bars! 😋

And you see my husband? Well he makes the cake pops! Bet ya didn’t know that!

It’s a family affair! And we are SO thankful for this life ❤️

Gracey Justice was our first ever Mo’Joe employee! We are so thankful that a good friend led her in our direction. ❤️

Gracey is a first year elementary teacher and has the pleasure of teaching third grade at Warsaw Elementary to some very special children. She was born and raised in Warsaw, North Carolina. When she is not working, she is living her best life on her cattle farm.

Favorite drink: Gracey loves all of our smoothies! Her favorite drink right now is strawberry lemonade! Her favorite cupcake is the Churro cupcake!

Fun facts about Gracey:

👰‍♀️ She is getting married on January 1 of 2022!

🐶 She is a fur mama to two sweet pups, Maggie and Jack!

😜 She doesn’t like coffee and works at a coffee shop!

Gracey’s lifelong goal is to be a school counselor!

Meet Greg Casteen, also owner of Mo’Joe Coffee and Cupcakes and married to Ramona Cavenaugh Casteen for 25+ years!

He works at Townsend Auto Parts, just down the street from the coffee shop. You can catch him some Thursdays and Saturdays at the shop and when we have our truck set up.

If you know him, you know that there are many words to describe him! He is our silly “PePa” and can get the energy pumped up anywhere he goes.

Greg does so much “behind the scenes work.” And we are so thankful for all that he does! He and my husband (Blake) are the creative minds and working hands behind “building” our truck and any construction or handy-man work that we have.

Favorite drink: apple pie blend

Favorite cupcake: keto cupcakes

Hey I'm Carmen Brown. I am a barista here at Mo’Joe.

“This is my second barista job. I absolutely LOVE my job! I love the atmosphere, making the drinks, and our customers.”

Fun facts:

👦 I am the mother of an almost 4 month old little boy.

I love sunflowers 🌻

🎨 I like to paint

I love to sing 🎵

🏫 I graduated with our amazing baker

Favorite drink:

The Golden Mocha (pictured)

I like mine shaken with coffee cubes and heavy cream 😋

Favorite cupcake:

Red velvet pecan with chocolate cream cheese icing

Carmen came to us at the perfect time. Her calm, caring nature and wisdom keep us going! ❤️

Say “hey” to Kaitlyn Hardee.

A Brunswick county native, but has always loved Duplin county (and her family members that call it home!)

She now lives here to be closer to school so that she can attend the dental hygiene program at Wayne Community College.

She has always liked coffee, but it has to be sweet!!

Favorite drink: cold brew with half and half (adds different flavors depending on the day!)

Favorite treat: vanilla cake pops

Fun facts:

⁃ Has never been out of the country but wants to travel somewhere tropical oh so bad! 🏝

⁃ Favorite holiday is Christmas!! (Who’s isn’t?😅)

⁃ Loves to hunt 🦌🦃🦆

⁃ Is the oldest of 3 children; has two younger brothers

Kaitlyn has been such a blessing to us! She came to us when we didn’t even realize we needed more help and she has become like family.