Customer creations

Customer Creations

The Wanda: Skinny snowman -no espresso - no whip

The Jada: Mocha Joe + white chocolate (no caramel) + dark chocolate

The Julie: Mocha Joe + vanilla

The April: Caramel Blend + dark chocolate

The Miriam: SF White Chocolate Blend + extra shot espresso + almond milk

The 007: Caramel Blend - no coffee

The Blackeyed Jemma: 32oz Black Coffee + 3 shots espresso + splash heavy cream

The Brevin: Chocolate Milkshake - no coffee

The Kevin: Vanilla lata'Joe + chocolate drizzle

Anna Jack: Cold Brew blended + cinnamon over ice

Mary Jane: Salted Caramel + PB

The Beth: SF Vanilla lata'Joe + oatmilk

The Hatch: Eggnog + Butter rum (can be made with cold foam)

Kids Creations

Spiderman: strawberry smoothie with blue drizzle

Hulk: green apple smoothie with purple drizzle

Frozen unicorn: frozen lemonade with blue/purple drizzle and whipped cream with sprinkles

Minnie Mouse: strawberry banana smoothie with chocolate drizzle